North Bristol Post 16 Centre

North Bristol Post 16 Centre

North Bristol Post 16 Centre

Cotham and Redland Green Learning Communities

10 Reasons to Study at the NBP16C

1. An aspirational and unique Centre 

We want you to challenge yourself and we expect you to succeed. Getting into the North Bristol Post 16 Centre won’t necessarily have been easy but by choosing us you will be joining two learning communities of like-minded 16-19 year olds who believe that by working hard they will be able to fulfill their ambitions and achieve their goals. We will support you on this journey. We are a unique Centre in Bristol, based on two sites, in two highly successful schools, Cotham and Redland Green.

2. Excellent teaching and results

We have excellent, highly qualified teachers who are both passionate about their subject and are experts in teaching your age group. We pride ourselves on being a community of students and staff who work together to ensure the success of each and every individual. Our A*-B pass rate is above national pass rates.

3. Specialised A level/BTEC/Pre U facilities

Our facilities at both learning communities are designed to provide the right learning environment to support our 16-19 year olds studying for their A levels/ BTEC or Pre U programme. We have three learning resource centres across the two sites. Here you will find personal computers, internet connection, DVDs, periodicals, newspapers and text books in fact; everything you would expect to help you complete your assignments. There is a post 16 common room at each learning community where you can meet friends and relax, particularly at break and lunchtime. Refreshments are available from the coffee bar located within each common room. Both sites are WI-FI enabled with well-equipped ICT facilities. We have modern and well-equipped science laboratories, art spaces, IT suites, a dance and performing arts space and a sports hall; all of which add to our range of excellent specialist facilities.

4. Wide range of subjects in combinations that suit you

We have over 45 level 3 courses and a range of level 2 courses, so it is very likely that you will be able to study your first choice of subjects. We mainly offer the subjects that university admissions’ tutors want to see in your UCAS application form. Most importantly because of our size as a Centre, you are able to choose the combination of subjects you really want.

5. We care and are interested in your ambitions

Our students regularly tell us how supportive and friendly the staff at the Centre are. Staff at both learning communities care about providing you with the support you need in a safe environment so that you can enjoy your two years of study while achieving your goals and ambitions. We will provide you with a range of academic, practical, financial and emotional support tailored to your specific needs.

6. A stepping-stone to university and your future

We know that it is a big step to leave your current school where things are familiar to you and to completely start afresh. However, this is often seen as better preparation for university as you will develop the confidence to deal with new people and situations, while learning to manage your studies in a mature and independent way. This will prepare you for being organised in the future.

7. Broaden your experiences and horizons

Choosing the North Bristol Post 16 Centre will provide you with the perfect opportunity to meet a wide range of new people and to make new friends.

This new beginning will enable you to grow as a person and will provide you with a broad range of ideas and experiences in a different learning environment to the one that you have been used to. By coming to the North Bristol Post 16 Centre you will be joining a very vibrant, socially mixed and multi-ethnic community.

8. Excellent location and campus feel

The North Bristol Post 16 Centre is situated in two schools, Cotham and Redland Green, and is served well by public transport. Our two sites are very close together and it is easy to walk between the two. We aim to try and keep your movement between lessons to a minimum, saving you time, and to help you get to know other students and staff well. The buildings at both learning communities range from a mixture of 1930s structures to very contemporary buildings, which were completed in 2011.

9. An enriching education

As a Centre we believe in providing all our students with a broad education as well as opportunities to participate in activities and experiences that you may not normally have access to. We offer a comprehensive range of enrichment courses, sports, volunteering and mentoring opportunities, field trips and access to a wide range of inspirational outside speakers. If you want to start up a club or group yourself, just let us know.

10. Engaging with our students and parents

We actively encourage student voice at the Centre. We want to listen and respond to what you have to say. We engage with you as a student and also as an adult who has chosen to come to the Centre as an active learner, not as a pupil who is simply here to be taught. We want you to get involved in and contribute to all aspects of life at the Centre. Your voice can and should make a difference. We also involve our Post 16 parents along your post 16 journey by holding termly parent engagement meetings.