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A Level Results Day FAQs

How do I go about collecting my results?

You need to come in to the site where you are registered to collect your results (Upgrade in Charnwood or the Atrium at RGS) at the time / date published on the NBP16 website. All Level 3 results, including BTECs, will be available at this time. If you have done GCSE re-takes, these cannot be collected until GCSE results day the following week.


What if I am not here on results day?

You can send someone to collect results on your behalf, so long as they have a signed letter of authorisation from you. Alternatively, hand in a stamped addressed envelope and we will post them to you. Results cannot be given out over the phone or via email.


How will I know if I am close to a grade boundary?

Exam boards no longer give you the marks for individual units, only the overall grade. However, the Centre will have these marks. If you are close enough to a grade boundary that we feel a review is worthwhile, we will contact you. If you collect your results in person, a member of the P16 will aim to speak with you directly. Otherwise, keep an eye on your school email.


How can I go about getting marking reviewed?

There are many post-results services available, including copies of your exam paper and a review of marking. You can apply for priority return on these if you have a university offer pending. Full details and prices (these are set by the boards) will be available to you when you collect your results.


What do I do if I have not made the grades for my university offer?

First of all, it’s not over until it’s over. Many universities may adjust your offer if you narrowly miss it, so don’t assume you are not in unless UCAS Track explicitly states this. No news is good news. If you get confirmation that you have missed your offer, we can then look at Clearing. There is a good introduction to this available here if you want to be prepared. Whatever happens, the best course of action is to get into the Centre as early as possible so we can support you.


My results are better than I expected, can I look for higher offer university places?

Yes you can. Adjustment is a UCAS service which allows you to explore higher offers without having to reject the offer you hold and enter clearing. Click here for an explanation of the process. Again, if you come in to the Centre, we can help you.


What do I do if I’m taking a gap year, but haven’t yet applied for a deferred offer?

If you want to apply to university in the year after you have left the Centre, we will support you in doing this and provide you with a reference. Please let us know as soon as possible and arrange a meeting with a member of the P16 team at the start of the autumn term.


I didn’t get the results I want, can I retake?

Yes, you can. If you want to re sit some or all of your exams, you can do so the following summer. We would suggest that you come in and have a chat with us about your options and how to best manage the independent study during a gap year. Entry forms will be available from the exams office towards the end of the first term of the new academic year and entries need to be made by mid January.


I still don’t have a plan for next year / I have had a change of heart. What do I do?

Don’t panic; we will help you! Just come in and talk to us. Our Careers Advisors will be available to meet with you when you collect your results and we also hold some post results clinics in the following days. If you are feeling uncertain, let us know and we will support you.