North Bristol Post 16 Centre

North Bristol Post 16 Centre

North Bristol Post 16 Centre

Cotham and Redland Green Learning Communities

Centre Life


Enrichment Activities

In order to provide a broad and balanced curriculum, the Centre provides the opportunity for a wide range of enrichment activities, otherwise known as our CAS (Community Action Service) scheme. These activities may enable you to extend an existing interest or try a new activity.

We hope that you will want to involve yourself in many areas beyond your academic subjects. You will have many opportunities to become involved in leadership roles with younger students through in-class support, acting as a mentor, or involvement in sports activities and clubs with younger students. There are also opportunities for community work with local primary schools and care service providers. Students will be expected to participate throughout the academic year in enrichment courses, covering the skills of community involvement, creativity and action. Participating in these will be an integral part of your post 16 timetable. These enrichment activities will enable you to meet other students and make friends in a less formal atmosphere.

Each year there is a wide range of enrichment opportunities, which have included: visits to major European cities, a debating programme, competitive team sports (Wednesday afternoon fixtures programme), orchestras, choirs, musical productions, theatre trips, outdoor expeditions, Young Enterprise, Envision and social events, such as debating programmes. There are also opportunities to get involved in mentoring and study-buddy programmes.

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Expert Support and Guidance                                                 

Every post 16 student belongs to a tutor group. Your tutor will take a special interest in your academic progress and your general well-being. Personal tutors get to know you very well and are able to pass on a great deal of information about activities and opportunities at the Centre. They also provide advice with individual problems. They monitor your progress by holding regular reviews and by helping you set targets to improve your performance.

The tutorial is used for group activities, which cover a wide range of topics relevant to the development of independent learning, the world of work and progression to higher education. The tutors are led by the Student Services Leader in both learning communities.

The Centre has two Information, Advice and Guidance advisors, as well as a careers resource area, which is well stocked with literature and electronic search facilities. You will be provided with informal advice and guidance to help you make decisions about your future. Special events include talks by outside speakers from a wide range of universities and employment areas. We also arrange mock interviews to prepare students for university and job applications as well as organising information evenings for parents.

Meeting your other needs

The Centre also has Post 16 Academic Mentors who provide ongoing support for students who may need it with their studies. They are a vital part of the Centre and their work is valued by our students. They offer support for students with disabilities or specific learning difficulties as well as help with general academic study skills.

Contact with parents

The Centre has weekly parent surgeries, which are popular with our parents. We also have a number of information evenings on progress and other ways in which your parents can support you in your studies.


We have some great facilities for you to use at the Post 16 Centre and these will help you make the best of your potential and your time at the Post 16 Centre and extend your learning opportunities.

  • 3 learning resource centres equipped with PCs, internet access, DVDs, periodicals, newspapers, text books
  • 2 post 16 common rooms for you to relax and meet friends in
  • Each common room has a coffee bar
  • Drama, dance and music spaces
  • Gamelan orchestra (Bristol's only one!)
  • Highly equipped studio theatre & rehearsal space
  • Dedicated post 16 science labs          

Student Bursary

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