North Bristol Post 16 Centre

North Bristol Post 16 Centre

North Bristol Post 16 Centre

Cotham and Redland Green Learning Communities


Cotham School has been awarded High Performing Specialist Status with effect from September 2009. The school has a rich and varied provision of drama, dance and music and an established tradition of very successful outcomes in these areas.

There are superb facilities available to students at the centre and these include:

  • drama studios
  • dance spaces
  • recording studios
  • a recital room
  • Bristol's only Gamelan orchestra
  • a studio theatre with state-of-the-art technical equipment and rehearsal space
  • close links with the Watershed, the Arnolfini and other leading arts organisations in Bristol
  • work with national arts companies - in the past this has included the Royal Opera House
  • the Year 12 musical, run entirely by students in July

Our High Performing Specialist Status has enabled the school to take an additional specialism in mathematics and computing to complement the specialism in performing arts. Mathematics is a very successful and innovative area that was a natural choice for the additional specialism due to its consistently high levels of achievement.

Redland Green School achieved Specialist Science Status in September 2010 as a result of its rich and varied provision of science as well as its excellent student achievement in this area and very high take-up of Science and Mathematics. 

Redland Green has been working with a variety of partners demonstrating the practical aspects of science in everyday situations.  Students’ learning in science is enriched because:

  • Both learning communities have dedicated science laboratories for post 16 students.
  • Both learning communities have a close relationship with Bristol University enabling students to attend science workshops in university laboratories.
  • The school has excellent links with relevant organisations in the local, regional and national community.
  • For example, students have been working with conservation groups on the sustainable development of our schools sites, as well as working with the Association of Science in Education.
  • Redland Green is working with engineers from Bristol based firms such as Rolls Royce, looking at the practical aspects of science in everyday situations.
  • Students recently had the opportunity to take part in National Pathology week where they worked with local hospitals.