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North Bristol Post 16 Centre

North Bristol Post 16 Centre

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Cambridge Pre U: Global Perspectives and Independent Research Project


Awarding Body

Cambridge Pre U

A level

Written paper 25% Externally assessed

Presentation 45% Externally assessed

Essay 30% Externally assessed

Independent Research Project - 100% Externally assessed

Minimum requirement for entry onto the course

5 GCSEs grade 7-9


Why should I follow this course?

GPR is a course that will allow you to develop skills that are transferable to all subjects studied at the Post 16 Centre. The ability to make re

asoned judgements, construct and pursue written and verbal arguments and to evaluate matters in a critical way is important. The GPR teaches students to work independently whilst developing skills that will be essential to success at university and beyond. We believe the GPR will bridge the gap between Post 16 studies and university and is unique in terms of the skills it offers.

What will I learn?

Year 12 : Global Perspectives is a series of seminars that encourages students to explore real-world challenges that will face them as young people in the modern world – wherever they may live and work. Students will build up a portfolio of work including audio-visual and web-based presentations and will develop detailed research proposals. Topics sit under five headings: Practical Ethics, Economics, Environment, Technology, and Politics and Culture.

Year 13: The Independent Research Report comprises a report based on a topic chosen by the student. It gives the student the opportunity to dig deeper in a chosen specialism, cross boundaries with an inter-disciplinary enquiry, or make a new departure with a non-school subject, e.g. Anthropology. Universities place much value on a student’s independent learning and research skills.

What teaching and learning methods will be used?

Seminar based discussions



Peer learning

Research tasks

Essay/Academic writing ski

What can I do when I have my qualification?

All GPR students will gain a Pre-U certificate for the GPR. Those who are also taking Pre-U English could also obtain a Pre-U Diploma. The grading system for all Pre-U subjects (including GP and GPR) is Distinction/Merit/Pass, and the top Distinction (D1) is at a level above the A* at A2.

What minimum qualification will I need?

5 GCSEs grade 7-9

Examination board:

Cambridge Pre U