North Bristol Post 16 Centre

North Bristol Post 16 Centre

North Bristol Post 16 Centre

Cotham and Redland Green Learning Communities

English literature

SUBJECT: English Literature (Linear)

Awarding Body


A Level

20% coursework, 80% examination

Minimum requirement for entry onto the course

NBP16C level 3 entry requirements including GCSE grade 5 or above in both English language and English literature. A real passion for reading. 

Why should I follow this course?

Quite simply because it will teach you something about everything! This course is ideal if you have a passion for reading and discussing literary texts from all genres and periods. Discovering, analysing and discussing different texts will enable you to develop your critical thinking skills and communication skills. By studying literature, you will discover and develop an appreciation for our imagination and enjoyment of the written word. You will gain an understanding of the traditions of literature and develop your knowledge of cultural and historical influences on text.

What will I learn?

AS level

  • Shakespeare and poetry pre-1900 (50%)
  • Drama and prose post-1900 (50%)

A level

  • Drama and poetry pre-1900 (40%)
  • Comparative and contextual study (40%)
  • Literature post-1900 (20%)

What learning and teaching methods will be used?

You will experience a variety of teaching methods, from lectures to whole group discussions, small group work, individual research and seminars. The department runs trips to the theatre and organises various enrichment activities, such as visiting lecturers and writers.

What can I do with my qualification?

There is no limit to the opportunities this A level can open. English literature is a highly regarded and prestigious A level welcomed by many employers as it emphasises disciplined thought, communication and creativity. It also provides a wide range of opportunities for many different degree courses.

What minimum qualifications will I need?

NBP16C level 3 entry requirements including level 5 grade or above in both English language and English literature GCSE but a higher grade is preferable. A real passion for reading.

Examination Board: