North Bristol Post 16 Centre

North Bristol Post 16 Centre

North Bristol Post 16 Centre

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A Level

Each examined unit is worth 40% of the A Level. (Each unit has one 150 minute exam)

Historical investigation is worth 20% of A Level.

HIS1H: Tsarist and Communist Russia, 1855-1964

HIS2D: Religious conflict and the Church in England, c1529-c1570

Coursework: Historical Investigation (A Level only) America c1865-2001

Minimum requirement for entry onto the course

NBP16C level 3 entry requirements.

Why should I follow this course?

History offers the opportunity to explore how the modern world has been shaped by individuals and events. It enriches our understanding of politics and religion, and the impact these have had on our society and culture. 

What will I learn?

History will teach you to organise and evaluate arguments and to write a clearly structured essay. You will learn how to use evidence effectively and how to deconstruct and critique the work of professional historians and contemporary writers.

  • Unit 1 involves the study of significant historical developments over a period of time, specifically the underlying causes of the 1917 Russian Revolution and the building of the Communist dictatorship under Lenin and Stalin.
  • Unit 2 is a study in depth of a period of historical change, specifically the Reformation in England, started by Henry VIII in 1529, and ending with the consolidation of religious change under Elizabeth I by 1570. Unit 3 allows for in-depth research about America based on a topic of your choice.

What learning and teaching methods will be used?

Personal research, pair and group work, practice in presentation and teacher-led discussion will all be used to make your learning active and enjoyable. There will be plenty of opportunities for source analysis and evaluation. Visits will be arranged as opportunities arise. We hope to explore the effect of the Reformation on the Bristol area using local churches, and we aim to run a visit to Hampton Court Palace.

What can I do with my qualification?

It is a demanding course that is well thought of by universities and employers. It complements studies in many other subject areas, particularly Literature, Politics, Law, Sociology, Ancient History and Classics. History provides you with training at a high level in the understanding and analysis of documents and in written communication. This course enriches the understanding of the political and religious history of Britain, Europe and the World and will provide a stimulus for continued study. You will be equipped with skills needed for a degree in most subjects and for professions such as law, politics, journalism, central and local government and the civil service.

What minimum qualifications will I need?

NBP16C level 3 entry requirements

Examination Board: