GSO Test

Physical education

SUBJECT: A-Level Physical Education (linear)

Awarding Body


A level

70% Theory, 30% Practical (15% as a performer or coach in a full sided competitive situation in an AQA recognised sport, 15% written analysis project)

Minimum requirement for entry onto the course

  • 4 in GCSE PE or merit at BTEC
  • Preferably a 5 in Science

Why should I follow this course?

This course is valuable to anyone with a passion for sport and the factors that affect sports participation and performance. It is suitable for anyone interested in a career in sport or the leisure industry and the perfect qualification for anyone considering a sport-based course in further education. The practical element of the syllabus allows students to be assessed as a performer or coach in their chosen sport. Students must check that their sport is recognised by the exam board for assessment. This can be done via the AQA website.

What will you learn?

The modules are:

Applied anatomy and physiology

Skill acquisition

Sport and society

Exercise physiology

Biomechanical movement

Sport psychology

Technology in physical activity and sport

What learning and teaching methods will be used?

Although some students may associate this subject with playing sport, this will only equate to 15% of their final grade. As with all A-Levels the theory content is more challenging than at GCSE or BTEC and therefore the majority of the learning will take place in the classroom through teacher and student led activities. Where possible theory will be related to practical situations and it is therefore essential that students have a good knowledge of sport and the current trends and issues.  

What can I do with my qualification?

There are many sports related careers for which A-level PE would be a perfect starting point, such as sports coaching, physiotherapy and even PE teaching! Even if your intentions are not sport related, this is a demanding but rewarding course for anyone with a genuine interest in sport and the many varied factors that affect performance at all levels. 

What minimum qualifications will I need?

Not a qualification but it is considered essential for students on the course to be actively performing or coaching their sport at a club level or higher outside of school.

Examination Board: AQA