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North Bristol Post 16 Centre

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A Level Reform News

The January examinations are now a thing of the past following changes introduced by the Government and Ofqual. There will no longer be an opportunity to take module examinations mid-way through an AS or A2 course. This means that those progressing from AS on to A2 will not be examined in January 2014. For those starting in September, it means that all examinations will take place each summer with only one further chance to retake modules. We are currently planning to introduce a January mock exam period, as well as other forms of exam preparation to prepare students for the experience of terminal examinations.

The reforms to A level are far-reaching, however the findings and current proposals by Ofqual are to retain the AS, so that AS and A2 remained coupled. Students starting their A levels in 2015 will be the first students to linear A levels with examinations at the end of 2 years.

I am wholly confident that the Centre we will be in an excellent position to respond positively to the changes. We will embrace the new demands, continuing to prepare our students to fulfil their academic potential and achieve the highest levels of success - as has always been the case at the Centre

Marian Curran

NBP16C Director