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North Bristol Post 16 Centre

North Bristol Post 16 Centre

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India Trip 2012

On the 11th July 2012 a group of twenty or so students were eagerly waiting to depart for Heathrow, to begin an expedition that was the conclusion to almost two years of fundraising, hard work, event organising and anticipation. The day proceeded on what was a mild British morning, something to remember as we were not greeted with such a manageable climate at Delhi airport. The wave of heat was enough to knock you over.

That soon changed once we travelled north to Manali. Broad views of coniferous forests and snow capped mountains were a stark contrast to the bustling streets of New Delhi. A couple of days after our arrival we began the trek phase of our trip. This consisted of four days ascending Deo Tibba to try and reach base camp and then a one day descent. Unfortunately, we were unable to make base camp, however our highest camp rested in a valley four kilometres above sea level. An equally unforgettable experience!

From the trek we progressed to the project section of the trip. We were tasked with renovating a government primary school. Activities included repainting, scrubbing, general cleaning and even digging a new drainage trench. The best day of the week, perhaps of the trip, was when the students of the school came to visit us as we concluded our work. We were as excited to see them as they were to see us. The whole day orientated around trading customs, gifts, dancing, eating and generally having a good time. 

Sadly, we eventually had to leave and settled on the last part of our trip, rest and relaxation. This was highlighted by our trip to the Taj Mahal. What trip to India would be complete without it? The days after that were gone in a flash, and soon we were boarding the plane and back in Britain. Everything must come to an end. However, amongst our expedition group it is agreed it was the best thing we’ve ever done!

Harry Tainton, Year 12