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North Bristol Post 16 Centre

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Member of Youth Parliament Debate at the House of Commons

On the 23rd November I, along with three hundred other young people, sat on the benches in the House of Commons to debate issues that affect young people.

As an elected Member of Youth Parliament (MYP) for South Bristol my role was to decide and then vote on which topic should be the national campaign topic. The debate, chaired by the speaker John Bercow, was televised on the BBC and many MPs came to hear what we had to say.

The MYPs debated 5 topics in the chamber, which were voted for by young people in their constituency. 

Then the MYPs voted on one to focus for the year ahead. This years elected topic is “ A curriculum to prepare us for life”. This means we will be campaigning for better sex, drug, political and financial education in schools. As a result of this I will be meeting with my local MP, RT Hon Dawn Primarolo, to discuss the issues further. 

Last year the Government set up a select committee for young people to sit on to advise them on the national campaign topic (which was then transport.) We are hoping they do the same this year. The end of my term is coming up in February 2013 and a new MYP will be voted in, which all young people, aged 11-18, in schools and youth groups will have an opportunity to vote for. So keep a look out for your new representatives.   

Anna, Post 16 Centre student