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North Bristol Post 16 Centre

North Bristol Post 16 Centre

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Post 16 Student looking for Sponsorship for Gap Year Community Project

Hello. My name is Maia and I am a Year 13 A-Level student studying at the North Bristol Post 16 Centre. I am taking a year out with the organisation, Project Trust.

Project Trust is a registered charity, charity no. SC025668, that sends a select number of 17-19 year olds overseas for 12 months to carry out volunteer work in a permanent placement. I have applied, and have been selected, to work as a primary school teacher in Honduras for a year, primarily helping to improve the children’s English. I will be living with a host family in an orphanage throughout the year, and alongside my teaching post, I will also undertake a number of secondary projects such as helping out in the local hospital and setting up some extracurricular school activities.

In order to depart overseas in August 2015, I need to fundraise to cover the cost of the recruitment, administration and operating expenses.

I have already begun planning a number of fundraising events to cover as much of the cost as possible, such as a cake and book sale, a music event and a Christmas film showing, which I shall be promoting by word of mouth, through a Facebook group and by putting up posters around the local area. I will also be saving my earnings from child-minding and babysitting, all of which I hope will raise a sufficient amount of money.

However, it will be difficult for me to arrange lots of large fundraising events due to my academic commitments. For this reason, I would greatly appreciate any funds that you would be willing to donate, or assistance you can provide, to help me reach my target sum.

All of the money collected will go directly to Project Trust to contribute towards my fundraising goal. If I manage to raise more money than my desired total, the extra money will be offered to other volunteers who are struggling to reach their goal.

I will provide regular updates on my progress during my year overseas to supporters and donors. I hope that you will consider assisting me in my fundraising; I would greatly appreciate any help that I receive. 

To find out more information please download my leaflet.