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North Bristol Post 16 Centre

North Bristol Post 16 Centre

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Whitehall Internship

Lauren Morris

In August I went to London for two weeks with fifty-nine other people from the Social Mobility Foundation and took part in an internship at a specific department in Whitehall.  However, I was lucky enough to be chosen to go to Clarence House, which involved working with employees of Prince Charles, Camilla, Harry, William and Kate. I found it so interesting to be working with such important people.  I was even briefed about what I should do if I was to meet one of the Royals, which really excited me, but unfortunately they were all away – Harry was in Vegas having a blast, as we all know! I was also lucky to be given a tour around Buckingham Palace, which was a privilege! In our spare time we were able to participate in activities, educational and just simple fun. For example we went ice skating, shopping on Oxford Street, went to see Henry V at the Shakespeare Globe, visited UCL, we went on a boat ride on the Thames, visited the museums, went on the London Eye and much more. Although some of this was group activities, we did have opportunities to have our freedom.  As all of us were scattered across the country, we didn’t know anybody – so everyone got along really well as we were all in the same boat. The accommodation was really lovely; we stayed at the University of London halls, which gave us an insight of what university life would be like. I learned that I want to go to a Russell Group university, which has made a huge impact on my future choices. I would recommend this internship to anyone, as it has helped me develop massively – socially and educationally. 

Frankie Chappell

The Whitehall residential I took part in this year was set up by the Social Mobility Foundation and aimed to place high achieving students in civil service placements, to give us a taste of what it might be like to work as a civil servant. I was placed in the Home Office, which was daunting at first, as it is obviously the centre of the country’s security and immigration facilities, as well as housing the office of the Home Secretary. I was placed in the Police Reform Unit of the Home Office, under the Crime and Policing Directorate. This was much more interesting than it might sound! While I was there I even got to contribute to a part of the Home Office website. My line manager, Peter, also took the other interns and me for a tour of the Houses of Parliament, as well as sitting in on asylum seeker screenings. Aside from the work experience aspect, the most enjoyable part of the whole experience was the evening and weekend activities, which, being in London, were always really good! We were treated to a ride on the London Eye, a visit to Camden market, we visited the museums and art galleries and we even went shopping on Oxford Street. I can’t speak for everyone else, but the best part for me was seeing Henry V at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. All in all, it was an experience that I won’t forget and I’m sure will look quite impressive on future CVs and applications. 

Adam Hicks

J.P.Morgan was an incredible experience, learning all the different aspects of banking and how they collaborate together. All the staff were friendly, helpful and willing to take time off from their work to show us around their offices. All of the other students were also supportive and it really helped me decide on whether university is me for, along with which universities to consider and which courses to study. Anyone who is even slightly interested in banking like I was should try and give this a go.