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Extended Project Qualification...

 ...A great opportunity


What you need to know

What is it?

The EXTENDED PROJECT QUALIFICATION (EPQ) is a course designed for A level students.

Students carry out their own individual research project. The project will be submitted to the exam board in January.

What is the project on?

The project can be on anything the student is interested in for example, fashion in the 1920’s,  sexism in the media, stem cell research, the D-Day landings, What is truth?

The project can also be in a more practical form for example, making a film, producing an artefact, designing an advertising campaign, a dance performance.

How is it taught?

EPQ students are assigned a project supervisor who will hold small group and individual tutorials to help the student carry out the project. There may also be some taught lessons. However the for the majority of the time the student will work independently producing their project.

How is it marked?

Students are marked on the basis of how they planned and researched their project.  The end result is important, but only alongside all the planning and research.

This is a great opportunity to excel by achieving an A* in your project.

Why is it marked like this?

The EPQ is about planning, research and independent study skills.  This is different to most A Level courses where the content is the most important.  Therefore it is a great opportunity to show other skills and achieve a high grade in a different way.

Why choose EPQ?

  • The Extended project grade can be turned into UCAS points which will help your university application.
  • Universities value it because it requires students to study in a similar way to university students.
  • It can allow you to further your interest in an area you are especially interested in, outside your existing courses.
  • It is an excellent topic to discuss at interviews.

Is the Extended Project Qualification For You?

  • Do you work well independently?
  • Do you have a passion for a topic or subject?
  • Can you meet deadlines?
  • Are you able to identify strengths and weaknesses in your work and make improvements on the basis of these judgements?
  • Are you creative?
  • Do you set yourself goals and work hard until you achieve them?