North Bristol Post 16 Centre

North Bristol Post 16 Centre

North Bristol Post 16 Centre

Cotham and Redland Green Learning Communities

Student Charter

At the North Bristol Post 16 Centre, we pride ourselves on offering a friendly and welcoming learning community. We strive to give you all the support and guidance you need to achieve success.  As members of the sixth form you are senior students and are viewed as role models of the centre. The student charter is an agreement which sets out what is expected from students at the centre. It is designed to ensure that we can provide you with the best opportunity to succeed in an environment that is safe, healthy and most of all enjoyable.  The charter also explains what you as students can expect from us. 



Treat all staff and fellow students with respect and courtesy at all times.  The North Bristol Post 16 Centre is committed to equal treatment of all regardless of sex, gender, race or faith. Racist, sexist, disablist, homophobic or other abusive language will not be tolerated and will be dealt with in accordance with the centre’s intervention stages. 

No smoking or drinking of alcohol on, or near, the school site

Please respect our commitment to ensuring a smoke free environment across our centre and its local entrances. Smoking anywhere within the school site is prohibited. Any student in possession of or under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances will be dealt with in accordance with the centre’s drugs policy – a copy of which can be found in student planners.


Swearing and offensive language is not acceptable at the centre at any time.

Common Room (atrium), study areas, class rooms

We all have collective responsibility for maintaining the condition of the post 16 centre. It is not acceptable to drop litter or deliberately damage fixtures or fittings. Our expectation is that communal areas are treated with respect and any damage is reported to the post 16 reception immediately.

Health and Safety

It is the policy of the centre to take all reasonable and practicable steps to safeguard the health, safety and welfare of all students. Students should avoid carrying open/uncovered hot drinks around the centre, the eating of food should be confined to the atrium, eating in corridors and on the stairs is a health and safety hazard.

Attendance and punctuality

Attendance in all lessons, registration and assembly is compulsory. We expect you to be punctual at all times. Full details of the absence procedure can be found in your student planner.

We recognise that many post 16 students undertake part time paid employment, however we request that this should not be taken on during the timetabled day and recommend this should not exceed 10 hours per week in term time.

Dress code

While post 16 students are not expected to wear a uniform, we ask you to dress appropriately for a professional working environment.

Mobile Phones, iPods and MP3 Players

Electronic equipment may only be used in and around the post 16 centre outside of timetabled lessons/morning registration/assembly and not in areas that impact on students learning. It should not be used by post 16 students in other parts of the school. All post 16 students must comply with Cotham and Redland Green’s internet e-safety rules. Please refer to ICT acceptable use policy for further guidance.  All electronic equipment must be turned off or silenced during lessons unless specified by the teacher. Mobile phones are absolutely prohibited from examinations.

Text books and resources

Text books and resources are integral to your learning and development and you will be expected to have these with you in addition to other relevant equipment for appropriate lessons.  Text books can only be allocated to students with their own ID cards and must be returned to the hub upon completion of study to avoid financial penalty.

Reaching your potential

Taking responsibility for your own learning is an important part of being a successful post 16 student. You are expected to make every effort to work hard and complete all work required to the best of your ability within agreed deadlines. This includes making full use of study time on site and using the study areas and IT resources appropriately.


No student cars are permitted on the school site.


We strive to give you our best service at all times.

One to one application discussion meeting

Before joining the centre you will have had a one to one discussion with an experienced member of the post 16 team who will have offered you information, advice and guidance to make sure the courses you have chosen to study will enable you to achieve your potential and make the most of your time as a post 16 student.

Enrolment and induction

When you enrol with us you will have access to fair and impartial advice about your course choices. You will be given a student planner which gives information about some of the services we offer, a course handbook for each of the examination courses you begin, and a student handbook to guide you through post 16.

High quality learning experience

We are proud of the quality of teaching and learning. Our results are excellent and the majority of our Year 13 students progress to university or employment with training.  The post 16 team, your subject teachers and tutor will work hard to prepare you for all examinations and assessments and we provide you with a post examinations results service including access to advice. 

Expert support and guidance

Your tutor will take a special interest in your academic progress and your general well-being. All tutors are led in this by the assistant headteacher responsible for post 16 and by the student services leader. Talk to your tutor, student services or academic mentor about issues as they arise so that we can help you sort them out at an early stage.

Student voice

You will all have the opportunity to feedback to your teachers about your experience of teaching and learning in their lessons. An opportunity to submit feedback about the whole sixth form experience is also offered. A school council is in place at each learning community to represent the student body. We are always open to hearing your ideas about how we can improve, so please tell us. We will always endeavour to do our best for you.

Study support

We fully appreciate the academic jump between Year 11 and Year 12 can be a challenge. Being in control of your own learning is critical to success and we will work with you to teach you the skills to enable you to develop into an effective independent learner. Each learning community has an academic mentor to support students achieve the study skills required at this level of study.

Assessment and monitoring

Throughout your course, we will review your progress with you through use of target grades and course reviews. Your work will be marked promptly; we will give you regular feedback on your progress, and will always offer you support if you encounter problems at any time throughout your course.

Excellent facilities

We have three learning resource centres across the two sites and here you will find personal computers, internet connection, DVDs, periodicals, newspapers and text books…in fact, everything you would expect to help you complete your assignments. Silent study areas are available at both sites.

There is a post 16 common room at each learning community where you will be able to meet friends and relax, particularly at break and lunchtime. Refreshments are available from the cafe located within each common room.

Higher Education experts

We encourage our Year 13 students to progress to university or to employment with training.  Every year we have students who go to Oxford or Cambridge, and others who go on to study law, medicine and veterinary science. Our in-house knowledge and expertise of the university process combined with a close relationship with the University of Bristol ensures students’ access to quality information.

Options Post 18

We realise university is not for everyone and we will support and assist your progress into an apprenticeship, employment, gap year or the next stage of your education. We have strong links with employers and training providers, and a programme of speakers in Year 12 enables our students to be fully prepared for life after Year 13.   We provide prompt and professional references for all our students.

Enrichment – opportunities beyond your chosen subjects

We hope that you will want to involve yourself in many areas beyond your academic subjects. You will have many opportunities to become involved in leadership roles with younger students through in-class support, acting as a mentor, or involvement in sports activities and clubs with younger students. There are also opportunities for community work with local primary schools and care service providers. Each year there is a wide range of enrichment opportunities which have included: visits to major European cities, a debating programme, competitive team sports (Wednesday afternoon fixtures programme), orchestras, choirs, musical productions, theatre trips, outdoor expeditions, and social events such as the post 16 summer ball.