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Study and Revision Resources

Welcome to the study and revision resources area of  the Post 16 website. Here you will find various resources to help with your studies, course work and exam revision.

Year 11 Students: A Guide to A Levels and Exam Success

Below you will find a link to a document that will be useful for Year 11 students. It is a guide to starting your A levels and exam success, put together by Tony Breslin and Mike Moores and is a Cambridge University Press Transition Guide.

Click here to download 'Starting A Levels: Your Guide to Exam Success'

University Lectures for Secondary Schools

New titles just uploaded

The Faculties is building a library of free, short films of university lecturers speaking on topics directly from the A-level/IB curriculum. This is a stretch and challenge resource intended to help students excel in their assessments, to inspire deeper learning and smooth the transition from school to university. In addition to the films, there are also resources to help students chose a university programme and think about the careers that might follow their degree.

Have YOU seen their resources? There are now approximately 360 podcasts across the six Faculty websites, including over 100 that were uploaded in the last few days:
Implicit Differentiation, Dr. Margit Messmer
Are Traditional Texts Always What They Seem? Dickens' Great Expectations, Dr. Simon Swift
How do Enzyme Inhibitors Work? Dr. Lars Jeuken
Entropy, Dr. Marcelo Miranda
The Extended Essay: How to Conduct an Historical Investigation, Dr. Chris Prior
Experimental Cognitive Psychology, Dr. Gjisbert Stoet
Take a look and see if the lectures can be of use to you...

Revision Websites

All Subjects

Click here  and brush up on your essay skills and develop more effective revision techniques (google site produced by Ms Lyons)

Revision World

S-cool Revision

Click here for a really useful document on plagiarism/referencing guide



Maths Guru  


My Maths


BBC Radio 7 - listen to a wide range of readings and dramatisations

Comedy Guide 

Classic Sitcoms 

Englishbiz! Grade-boosting tips... that work!

Novel Guide 

Podcast Revision 

Transparency Now


U 2 Learn


Science revision resources (password protected. Contact Mrs Parnell @RGS for password) 


How Stuff Works

PhET, Colorado

School Science

Geography ‎

Learn on the Internet  

National Geographic  


History Mad  

Learn History  

Learning Curve  

School History


Ashcombe School, Languages 

A Tantôt 

Languages Online   



Music at School

Design and Technology

Design and Tech 

Design Technology 


Technology Student



Art in the Picture 



Art Quotes 

Brainy Quote 

Google Art Project



Net Museum 

Art Quotations 

Saatchi Gallery 

The Tate Online 





Teach ICT


BBC, Sports Academy

Brainmac Demon


Revision Time

Revision World

Teach PE


BBC, RE Ethics   

BBC, Religion



Schools Channel 4

The RE Site


Technology Student

Subject: Travel and Tourism

Tourism Offices Worldwide Directory

Travel Mole

Travel Weekly



World Travel and Tourism Council

Philip Allan Reviews

Phillip Allen Magazines are now available online providing RGS students access to the following digital resources:
Biological Sciences Review
Business Review
Chemistry Review
The English Review
Geography Review
Modern History Review/20th Century History Review
Physics Review
Psychology Review
Sociology Review

Please click here for access go to Google Apps/RGS Student Site/Curriculum area websites/LRC/E-learning Resources

The LRC (Redland Green Learning Community) has researched the Philip Allan Reviews for this year and have found a number of articles which would be helpful to students preparing for the exam season.

Take a look below at the following articles and reviews. If you would like to read them please visit the Hub and ask one of the LRC staff to help you locate them.

20th Century History Review

Vol 6 No 4 April 2011, pp 30-31 ‘AQA Exam focus, Tsarist Russia 1855-1917’

Geography Review

Vol 24 No 4 April 2011, pp 11-13 ‘Question and Answer – Synoptic Questions’

Physics Review

Vol 20 No 4 April 2011

pp 18-21 ‘Young modulus and written communication’

pp 28-29 ‘Physics online – Revision’

Chemistry Review

Vol 20 No 4 April 2011, pp 6-8 ‘Answer back – What comes out of your kettle’

Biological Sciences Review

Vol 23 No 4 April 2011, pp 27-29 ‘Upgrade – Been there, done that’

A-level Law Review

Vol 6 No 3 April 2011, ‘Examination focus’:

pp  5-7 The system of precedent

pp  8-9 Murder

pp 13-15 Cracking problem questions

pp 16-19 Concepts

pp 28-29 Preparing for the AS exams

pp 31-33 How to revise

Business Review

Vol 17 No 4 April 2011, ‘Upgrade’

pp 6-7 A* performance at AQA Unit 3

pp 22-23 Get those evaluation marks

pp 26-27 Revision strategies

PE Review

Vol 6 No 3 April 2011, pp 7-9  ‘Planning your answer for AQA PHED 1 Question 7’

Sociology Review

Vol 20 No 4 April 2011, pp 32-33 ‘Exam matters – Revision techniques: Mobilise your mobile’

Politics Review

Vol 20 No 3 February 2011, pp 6-7 ‘Exam success – Revision and exam technique’

Vol 20 No 4 April 2011, pp 22-23 ‘Success at AS – How to write a good AS essay’

[this is based on OCR Govt & politics, but I think it’s generally applicable]


Issue 50 December 2010, pp 55-57 ‘No Accommodation? The language of Stanley and Blanche in A Streetcar Named Desire’

Useful Careers Resources

UCAS – a one-stop shop for everything you might need to know about applying to British Universities. The section on writing a personal statement is particularly helpful.

Connexions West  – a really good website with information about apprenticeships, jobs, money, health and housing.

Kudos – don’t know what direction to take your life in? This website (for which you will need a login from the library staff) might give you some inspiration. Answer a questionnaire and you will get a range of career choices based on your answers.

Research Tools

Issues OnLine: It is also available as ‘Issues’, a photocopiable resource in the RGS Main Library (The Vista). Brilliant, accessible resource if you are doing research on modern social issues. A list of current titles available in the Learning Resource Centre is sited above the photocopier in The Hub and Vista (@RGS). General subject headings are as below:

Get a login from the library staff to access all the titles on line.

To access Issues Online really good selection of sites to dip into for writing skills and referencing click here


Students need to be familiar with the Harvard Referencing System. In the HUB we have booklet guides to help with this. Below is a link to the excellent guide provided by UWE, which you can access from outside the Post-16 Centre. 

Harvard Referencing System

Bristol Library Services Online

To get the best out of this we would really recommend that you join the Public Library Service and get a membership card and a PIN number. To find out how please click here: Bristol City Council Library services: How to - join and use the library

The Bristol Library Services website is a really useful site containing:-

  • Online Catalogue (recently revamped, easy to use but Library staff will be happy to help with any searches).  
  • Downloadable audio books (at the time of going to press 600 and growing). This service is only available to library members who have registered online.  
  • Online resources such as Oxford Reference Online Naxos, Oxford Art Online, Oxford Music Online, Custom Journal Database available though the 24-Hour Library Portal with your membership no and PIN.  
  • Taking your driving theory test? Use ‘Driving Theory Test Pro’ available though the 24-Hour Library.