North Bristol Post 16 Centre

North Bristol Post 16 Centre

North Bristol Post 16 Centre

Cotham and Redland Green Learning Communities

Learning Resource Centres @ North Bristol Post 16 Centre 

The Hub – Redland Green Learning Community                             

(Floor 3 Main School over the bridge)

Opening Hours

8.15am – 4.45pm Monday to Thursday

8.15am – 4.15pm Friday

About Us

All Post 16 Students attending courses at Redland Green Post 16 Centre are welcome to come and use The Hub for study, research, borrowing and returning items. The Post 16 Library Team is always available to help you with resource selection, computer support and textbook issues.

The Hub is a quiet study space, where students can expect to be able to work without being disturbed. Likewise we expect students to be considerate of others while using the Hub by keeping noise to a minimum, being respectful to library staff, and leaving the space clean and tidy.


There are 28 laptops available to use in the Hub to support your learning, as well as a printer/photocopier.

We subscribe to numerous periodicals to provide up-to-date wider reading for each subject taught at RGS.

Students have free access to subscription-only online resources, such as digital editions of the Philip Allan ‘Review’ magazines, which contain articles written specifically for A-level students. There is further information about our online resources here.

Our Careers section has information on most of the main universities across the UK, books on everything from becoming a TV presenter to travelling the world, and posters/leaflets on the latest careers events and courses.

We have a growing collection of DVDs available to borrow, including films on art and design, foreign language films, and general interest films.

When you’re not busy studying, why not pick up a book from our fiction and graphic novels section. We are always looking to expand our collections, so please feel free to make suggestions.

We have audio books of many classic and popular titles.

Our online catalogue (Reading Cloud) allows you to search for specific books or browse by subject to see if we have something you’d like to borrow. Please click on this link Reading Cloud


The LRC - Cotham Learning Community (Charnwood House)

Opening Hours

8.35am – 4.20pm Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

8.35am – 1.05pm Tuesday

Lunch Closures

1.05pm – 1.40pm Daily

About Us

The Learning Resource Centre at Charnwood House is the place for Post-16 students to borrow textbooks and to conduct secondary research, private study or quiet reading. Students may not consume food or drink, talk or play music loudly in the LRC.

The Post 16 Librarian is happy to help you find resources, use a laptop or print your work. Suggestions and recommendations are always welcome!


There are 18 laptops and 4 iMacs available for use within the LRC, as well as a printer/photocopier/scanner. 

Video camera resource packs and a selection of DVDs are provided for film and media students. DVDs with gold stars can be borrowed by all students.

We subscribe to several periodicals, which are a great source of relevant, up-to-date information about your subjects. 

We also subscribe to the excellent, photocopiable research tools, Factfile and Essential Articles, as well as Key Organisations, which provides information on charities, businesses and other important organisations. We keep the physical copies of these resources in the library, but searchable online content is available here: (username and password available on request from library).

Click here to download a printable revision timetable produced by the LRC.

As well as resources for study, we have a growing collection of fiction and graphic novels. Why not search our catalogue here to see if there’s anything you’d like to borrow:

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