GSO Test

Music Technology BTEC Level 3

Awarding Body

Edexcel (Diploma or Extended Certificate)

Assessment Structure

Mixture of Internal coursework and external coursework/exam.

Minimum entry requirement

  • NBP16C level 3 entry requirements
  • Level 2 BTEC music / music technology (merit), if taken

Why should I study this course?

You should follow this course if you are a musician with a keen interest in music technology.  This course will provide you with a range of music technology skills that will enable you to record bands, produce creative technology based compositions, and develop your knowledge of current studio recording, production practice and live sound.

What will I learn?

During the course you will learn how to use different production tools and techniques to capture, edit, process and mix audio in both the recording studio and for live sound purposes. You will learn how to use software to create, edit, manipulate and structure sounds to produce music/audio for different media projects. You will develop your knowledge and understanding of recording and production techniques, and learn the context which led to their development.

How will I learn?

BTECs embody a fundamentally learner-centered approach to the curriculum, with a flexible, unit-based structure and knowledge applied in project based assessments. They focus on the holistic development of the practical, interpersonal and thinking skills required to be able to succeed in employment and higher education. The majority of projects will be externally assessed. You will learn and familiarise yourself with the fundamentals and key concepts of music technology before applying this knowledge to appropriate scenarios and projects. The course is mostly practical with independent learning as the core activity. Through teacher led and group activities you will develop the skills to produce work for assessment. There will be classroom based lessons to develop your understanding of the context in which these technologies developed.

What can I do with my qualification?

You will develop a broad range of skills including project management, appraising and analysis, creativity and imagination. Students will be able to progress to undergraduate study in Music Technology, Sound Production, Sound Engineering and many other courses requiring a similar skill set.

What do students say?

 “The teachers are engaging, knowledgeable and incredibly helpful”

“The course allows me to use a large range of high-end music equipment like mixing desks, microphones and professional recording software”

“I really enjoy being able to spend my free periods and lunchtimes in the studio exploring new concepts and recording my own music.”