GSO Test

Core Mathematics AS Level

Awarding Body


Assessment Structure

1 year AS course with 100% examination

Minimum entry requirement

  • NBP16C level 3 entry requirements
  • GCSE (5) in mathematics


Why should I study this course?

Core Mathematics is an AS course designed to prepare students for the mathematical demands of work, study and life. It will help students to develop real-life maths skills that can be applied on a day to day basis. If you enjoy mathematics and wish to continue studying it to support your other subjects and future course or career choices, but don’t want to take Mathematics A level, then this is the course for you.

What will I learn?

The emphasis in the Core Mathematics course is on developing problem solving skills. It includes elements of financial maths but will also help with other A level subjects such as; geography, business studies, psychology, economics and the sciences. Data source booklets are released before the exam and students will be tested on their ability to analyse and interpret the data. The topic areas covered are: application of statistics, probability, linear programming and sequences and growth

How will I learn?

Core Mathematics lessons will feel different to mathematics lessons you will have experienced at GCSE, as they will be centred on solving concrete problems. You will be presented with a variety of problem solving tasks, and you will need to draw on your mathematical skills and knowledge to solve them, with guidance from the teacher. Group work and using technology to help solve problems will be important aspects of lessons.

What can I do with my qualification?

Core Mathematics will be invaluable in helping you to access a wide variety of courses and careers.  You will also have gained problem solving skills that will support your other subjects. Universities and employers will increasingly start to look for this qualification from applicants if they have not studied A level Mathematics.

What do students say?

“I always found understanding data and graphs tricky at GCSE, and Core Maths has given me more confidence when I am doing this type of task in my Psychology A Level”