GSO Test

Film Studies A Level

Awarding Body


Assessment Structure

70% examination
30% NEA

Minimum entry requirement

  • NBP16C level 3 entry requirements
  • GCSE (4) in English language

Why should I study this course?

If you have a passion for films and really want to understand how they create meaning for an audience then this is the course for you. You will study the history of cinema and the ways that the film industry works in the US and the UK. You will learn what we mean by ‘the language of film’, the techniques such as cinematography, mise-en-scene and editing that enable directors to entertain, educate or exploit their audiences. You will also have the opportunity to develop some practical film-making experience by producing storyboards and a short film.

What will I learn?

Component 1: exam paper 35%

This component assesses knowledge and understanding of six feature-length films including Hollywood, American and British films

Component 2: exam paper 35% Global Film-making

This component assesses knowledge and understanding of five feature-length films including documentary, global and silent cinema

Component 3: 30% practical

This component assesses one production and its evaluative analysis. Learners produce: either a short film (4-5 minutes) or a screenplay for a short film (1600-1800 words) plus a digitally photographed storyboard of a key section from the screenplay and an evaluative analysis

How will I learn?

You will learn through a variety of practical workshops and demonstrations. Teaching methods range from film screenings followed by whole class and group discussions, to students giving individual presentations on case studies. You will be supported through the practical modules by expert staff. You will be expected to attend screenings of particular films relevant to either the American or British film industry at certain times throughout the course and there may be the opportunity to participate in a film and media studies trip to London

What can I do with my qualification?

Film studies is both a practical and highly academic A level, which is respected by both higher education institutions and employers alike. It is sound preparation for industry-based practical courses and degrees in the arts. 

What do students say?

“I am now certain that I want to make and study films, so a degree in film studies is my next step.” Year 13 student

“I really liked the opportunity to experience a really wide range of films and the actual film making experience was awesome” Year 13 student