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History: 16th century

AS level - 100% examination

A2 level - 50% examination, 50% coursework

Why should I follow this course?

This course considers a number of big issues including the importance of religion and the effect of religious change in the sixteenth century in both Europe and England. We are particularly concerned to develop skills in extended writing and independent study. These skills will qualify you for a wide range of courses and career opportunities. In addition you will develop the skills of analysis, evaluation and judgment that are highly rated in many professions.

What will I learn?

AS level

  • The Reformation in Europe 1500-1564
  • The church in England: the struggle for supremacy, 1529-1547

A2 level

  • The triumph of Elizabeth: Britain 1547-1603
  • Personal study/ historical enquiry

What teaching and learning methods will be used?

Teacher-led activities, group work, discussion, personal research and debate. There will also be fieldwork.

What can I do when I have my qualification?

History can be studied at most universities, either as a single subject or as part of a combination with, for example, economics, politics, English or a foreign language. For certain subjects such as law, archaeology and journalism, history may be a requirement. History is also good for careers in publishing, journalism, the media, the civil service, politics, industry and commerce.

What minimum qualification will I need?

NBP16C level 3 entry requirement.

Examination board: