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Media Studies A Level

Awarding Body


Assessment Structure

70% examination (at the end of the course)
30% non-examined assessment

Minimum entry requirement

  • NBP16C level 3 entry requirements
  • GCSE (4) English language and an interest in all forms of media.

Why should I study this course?

Studying the media means you will start to formulate your own responses to the range of media, old and new, that saturate modern life. You will also be encouraged to develop your opinions on how the media represents the world. The contemporary media landscape and its changing contexts will be studied in terms of products, platforms and technologies. Recent practical coursework has been impressive. Production tasks can involve creating music videos,  opening sequences to reality TV shows, trailers and a range of print products.

You will be encouraged to demonstrate, develop and formulate your understanding of the media and its influential role in today’s society as well as debating major contemporary media issues. The course involves a focused exploration of the developing role of new media technologies such as social networking, online broadcasting and other digital platforms. You will also look at the representation of different social groups across the multi-platform media landscape.

What will I learn?

A-level  Media Studies engages students in the in depth study of media products in relation to the four areas of the theoretical framework (media language; media representation; media industries; media audiences).

MEDIA 1: focus on Media Language, Representations, industries and audiences

MEDIA 2: Questions will focus on the in-depth media forms of television, magazines and online, social and participatory media/video games

NEA: non-examined unit: creating a cross media product

How will I learn?

You will experience a variety of teaching methods as learning about the media demands teaching that is lively and participatory. There may also be the opportunity to take a media focused trip to London. Previous trips have included visits to the IMAX, the British Board of Film Classification, the BBC Studio Tours, the London Film Academy and the  Harry Potter Studio Tours.

What can I do with my qualification?

Media studies is a respected A level and successful completion of the course allows access to further and higher educational programmes, including vocational based training. This could lead to careers in areas such as journalism, advertising, TV and other creative media industries with previous students using their experience to gain work experience in the industry.

What do students say?

“I now have a much better understanding of how issues and debates are represented  across newer media platforms such as the internet and social media along with more traditional media such as television, film and advertising.”