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Equity and Diversity

2020 has forever changed the way we talk about race. 

The death of George Floyd in police custody sparked an international wave of protests as people took to the streets in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. The impact of this was felt with great strength in our city and by many staff and students at the North Bristol Post 16 Centre, who have brought their voices to this cause. 

Like most schools in the country, we also received a letter at this time signed by hundreds of our ex-students asking us to take firm action to decolonise the curriculum. 

At the time of the protests, we released a statement to declare our firm commitment to taking a stand together against racism, injustice and hate. 

The commitment we have made is to amplify the voices of the marginalised in our community, as well as challenging privilege. We are working to achieve this by educating and implementing structural change for the empowerment of our BAME students and continuing the work of making our whole community an antiracist space. This important work is undertaken with an understanding that social justice (and injustice) is intersectional, therefore the needs and interests of all marginalized groups will need to be brought into this conversation.

We recognise that the work of becoming a truly antiracist and inclusive space, where equity and diversity values are entirely upheld, is not something that can be ‘completed’. We recognise that this is work that we will need to commit to as a continuing endeavour. 

On this page you can find updates on how we are working to put that commitment into action. We look forward to sharing our progress in the weeks, months and years ahead:


“I hear people asking ‘How do I get started? How do I do this?’ You just start. It won’t be perfect. It’ll be messy and it’ll be hard, but you’re on your way.” 
-  Ava Duvernay