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Black Lives Matter

At a time that has seen a wave of anger and despair spread around the world following the murder of George Floyd, the staff and students of the North Bristol Post 16 Centre are ready to take a stand together against racism, injustice and hate. 


In the light of the coronavirus pandemic, we know we are going to have to work even harder than ever to bring our whole community together so that we can move forward, as allies, to effect real and lasting change. Lots of thought and discussion is currently taking place about the work we need to do to make this change happen and it is our priority and commitment to reach out and support all of our students in bringing their voices to the conversation. We have begun developing our plan to make shifts in our student politics structure so that we can make sure that the voice of our student leadership team is one of equity and inclusion. This voice needs to be heard, and we are listening.


We know there will be many challenges on this journey, but we are committed to facing them together and making sure we don’t only look inward to create change, but outward too. For example, in bringing our support to national campaigns for more representative content in Post 16 courses. Importantly though, we recognise that now is not the time to be announcing big changes and making big promises. Now is the time to read, to learn, and to listen. Our pledge today is to educate ourselves and each other so that we can begin to make the journey from being a diverse and inclusive community, to a truly antiracist one. 


To all our black students, staff and families: we see you; we value you; we stand with you.