GSO Test


The North Bristol Post 16 Centre is a collaboration between Cotham and Redland Green Schools. We welcome students from schools all over Bristol and the surrounding area into our vibrant, diverse and industrious community.

This year, we saw a return to a full examination series and our students rose to the occasion with determination and maturity. This cohort of young people have faced unprecedented challenges to reach this point, having missed the opportunity to sit their GCSEs in 2020 as a result of the global pandemic and receiving Centre Assessed Grades instead.  

Today has been a day of celebration, where we have been able to congratulate  our students, who have achieved an outstanding set of results. The incredible amount of hard work invested by both our students and our staff to overcome the challenges of the last two and a half years has been rewarded with this set of results and the pathways they will open for our Year 13 students. The large majority of our university applicants have secured their chosen courses, and we have also seen strong success with our students securing higher apprenticeships and progression pathways in the arts. We look forward to further successes and celebrations over the coming days. 

Directors of Post 16 Aimi Potter (Cotham School) and Owen Tiplady (Redland Green School) say:

 "We could not be more proud of the resilience and maturity our Year 13 students have demonstrated in preparing themselves for this examination series. The past two years have been incredibly tough for us all, but this age group really has been hit the hardest.

Our students have maintained a positive outlook and shown both patience and ambition as we have navigated national uncertainties, as well as the impact of school closure and close-contact isolation."

It has been an incredible boost to be able to see our students today to collect and celebrate a set of results which they have worked so incredibly hard to achieve. We have been happy to share in their successes and excitement for the future in the many conversations that have already taken place. 

For more than ten years, our schools have been working together, as the North Bristol Post 16 Centre, to make sure that every student has the opportunity, support and skill set they need to reach (and extend far beyond) their goals.”