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Textbook Loans

All students on courses at Redland Green are entitled to the appropriate textbooks and they are issued out to Year 12 students at the beginning of each academic year. Year 12 students going into Year 13 may have textbooks issued out to them in late June/early July after Activities Week.

Students will be brought to The Hub by subject teachers to collect textbooks.

If you miss the issuing session we will issue textbooks out to you on receipt of a request from the appropriate staff.

  • Books required for re-sit exams will be issued to you on confirmation from a subject teacher.
  • Please write your name on the internal label and the academic year of issue.
  • Textbooks are a loaned facility. You are required to look after these books carefully. Please do not write in them or deface them in any way. Although we check textbooks carefully if you note any damage/defacing on receipt that we have not logged in the book please let us know at once so that we can note it. Failure to do so may result in you being charged for a new copy at the end of the academic year.
  • You are required to bring your textbook in for every lesson you have in your subject. We cannot loan you a temporary copy except in exceptional circumstances and at the request of your subject tutor.
  • Do not loan your books to other students.
  • If you lose a textbook or library resource please see the library staff as soon as possible. Please also notify your subject tutor.
  • If you discontinue a subject before the end of the academic year or you leave RGS/Cotham you must return your textbooks and library resources to The Hub. You are required to present us with a ‘Leavers Form’ which we sign to say items have been returned.
  • All textbooks and resources are required to be returned to The Hub by the end of June. This includes textbooks that cover AS/A2 courses – these will be renewed at this point.
  • Parents/carers will be billed for the replacement of any un-returned items at the beginning of July.